Soar to Success the Wright Way

Jim’s biographical, historical, motivational and inspirational book and talk explain what the brothers did and show how two ordinary men mastered the impossibility of flight and forever changed the course of humanity.

The Wright characteristics are as essential in the 21st century as they were at the dawn of the 20th century. Let the Wright’s stunning success inspire creativity and innovation in you today.

We all possess the power to soar on wings of greatness – wings of our own design and construction. By further developing the Wright characteristics in ourselves, by maximizing the effectiveness of the strengths of our own personalities, even the impossible is possible.

Jim explains how the Wrights so effectively developed certain characteristics including creativity, curiosity, confidence, dedication, and patience that they succeeded where everyone else failed.

From ordinary lives, we can accomplish the extraordinary, just like the Wrights.

Jim customizes each talk to suit his audience and every Soar to Success the Wright Way presentation teaches you the Wright way to:

  • Take risks
  • Create” luck
  • Overcome setbacks 
  • Expand your creativity 
  • Rise above daily problems
  • Set and achieve “impossible” goals

2 Responses to Soar to Success the Wright Way

  1. andyvinstra says:

    I have an African-American friend who says that in addition to their bicycle shop and their experiments with wind tunnels and flight, the Wright Brothers were into publishing and helped publish and encourage the work and writing of the African-American poet Paul Lawrence Dunbar. Like the Wright Brothers Dunbar lived in Dayton Ohio and the Wright Brothers were good friends of Dunbar.


    • jim says:

      Orville went to school with Dunbar.

      Paul Lawrence Dunbar wrote an early poem about Orville, on the wall of the Wright’s printing office.

      “Orville Wright is out of sight
      In the printing business.
      No other mind is half so bright
      As his’n is.”


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