About Jim

Jim is an entertaining and engaging speaker.Meisner.Headshot

Professionally, he’s been a Jim-of-all-trades.

He’s worked as a professional juggler and magician, a newspaper editor and radio reporter. He’s been a public relations professional for the Commonwealth of Virginia, a state-wide non-profit organization in Iowa and the largest indoor rodeo company in the United States.

Jim writes and directs radio and television commercials, writes speeches for executives, designs public relations and marketing strategies, and as a professional actor appears regularly on television, in commercials, and in movies.

Jim’s the co-author of American Revolutionaries and Founders of the Nation, a children’s history collective biography published in 1999 by Enslow Publishers. He’s also written a book about the Wright Brothers, Soar to Success the Wright Way.

A communications expert from print to broadcast, Jim inspires listeners with a key-note presentation, helps unleash your corporation’s creativity, or helps you craft a successful advertising and marketing campaign.

Jim has created and implemented public relations plans in cities as diverse as Detroit, Tampa, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

A former pastor, Jim holds a Master of Divinity degree and writes about faith here: www.faithonthefringe.com

He writes about his family here: www.toourlittlegirl.com

He speaks about faith, family and adoption, as well as the Wright Brothers.


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