About Jim

Jim is an entertaining and engaging speaker.Meisner.Headshot

Professionally, he’s been a Jim-of-all-trades.

A former pastor, Jim holds a Master of Divinity degree and writes about faith here: www.patheos.com/blogs/faithonthefringe

Jim writes and directs radio and television commercials, writes speeches for executives, designs public relations and marketing strategies, and as a professional actor appears regularly on television, in commercials, and in movies.

His debut novel, Faith, Hope, and Baseball will be published in June 2020 by Immortal Works — appropriate for teen, intriguing for adults.

Jim’s the co-author of American Revolutionaries and Founders of the Nation, a children’s history collective biography published in 1999 by Enslow Publishers. He’s also written a book about the Wright Brothers, Soar to Success the Wright Way.

A communications expert from print to broadcast, Jim inspires listeners with talks about  faith, adoption and the Wright Brothers. He preaches Progressive Christianity.

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