Jim has spoken to hundreds of audiences and groups over the years. Here’s what some folks think:

“Excellent. Inspiring. Could have listened to you all day.”
– Melanie Pesola, Public Information Specialist, Norfolk, Va.

Your appearance was one of the highlights of the event.
— Todd McGee, Director of Communications, N.C. Association of County Commissioners. Raleigh, N.C.

“Truly outstanding. A great lesson in how history can enrich our current lives, and a truly enjoyable experience.”
– Rob Broermann, CFO, Sentara Healthcare, Norfolk, Va.

“Excellent! . . . Hope to hear speaker again in the future.”
– Carol Black, HR Technician III, Lexington, N.C.

. . . you scored highest of all of our presenters in two catagories.
– Lois delBueno, president, Virginia Government Communicators

“Very well done. Very Positive. Inspiring. Excellent motivator.”
– Claire Kull, AP Environmental Science Teacher, Winston-Salem, N.C.

“Great. Interesting, wonderful seminar. Method of presenting was different and rewarding.”
– Brenda Umbarger, Director of Business Office Services, Wyth County Community Hospital, Wythville, Va.

“I really enjoyed your program. . .  great combination of history and motivation, glued together by a great story.”
– Dave Credicott, VP, Acumen Corporation, Richmond, Va.

– Al Ward, Burlington Industries, Inc., Greensboro, N.C.

“Very engaging topic.”
– Melissa Davis, Analyst, Trade Marking and Distribution, Philip Morris USA, Richmond, Va.

– Randy Beeman, County Manager, Pamlico County, N.C.

“Outstanding. Great presentation.”
– Louis Silverman, Silverman Furs, Newport News, Va.

“Excellent. Inspirational. Provocative. Wright Brothers story is a great inspiration – Jim makes it live.”
– Robert Parker, Montgomery County Public Information Director, Christiansburg, Va.

“Wonderful. Very interesting and entertaining. Makes me want to really think outside the box.”
– Jeff Caldwell, Virginia Department of Transportation, Colonial Heights, Va.

“I was fascinated by the story. Your presentation of it was great.”
– Diane Henderson, Training Associates, Rocky Mount, N.C.

“Excellent parable of business with historical occurrences and people.”
– Sandra Faulkner, Senior Demand Planner, Volt Service/John Deere, Chester, Va.

“Outstanding and very informative.”
– L.S. Guy Jr.,
County Commissioner, Duplin County, N.C.

“Excellent presentation.”
– Carol Devine, Devine Advantage, Locust Grove, Va.

“Excellent portrayal of arguably one of the least covered, but most significant events in history.”
– Greg Richardson, Goodman & Company, Norfolk, Va.

“Jim Meisner tells the story of initial aviation in America with care and drama. He links the principles of good science and responsible development to the Wright family. He shows how they focused their gentlemanly talent and seasonal resources in demonstrating their contribution toward enhancing mankind. This is a message that fits the 100th anniversary of the first flight, and is suitable for pre-science and science-oriented American school children.

“This is a story of SUCCESS because it reveals how responsibly-ambitious people can select the greatest known problem of their era, research it, learn through its development, and deliver a contribution that greatly exceeds their sufficient and timely reward.”
– Ray Gilbert, Inventors’ Network of the Capital Area, Bethesda, Md.



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